Animation Presentation


The Fox network, is a television network that separates it’s self from other mainstream networks such as; ABC, NBC, and CBS. Fox is a nontraditional network they stand out in the world of broadcasting. The youngest of these networks and the one that stands out the most.

Shows on this network include Married with children, Beverly Hills 90210, Malcolm in the middle, X-files, Cops, and American Idol.

However one show has been with FOX since the begging, The Simpsons first aired on the air in 1987 only a year after the network started.

The family first appeared on The Tracy Ullman Show as short skits.

After 3 years, The Simpsons were given their own half an hour block on Fox’s prime time slot.

The show is an adult animation; they are a “typical” American family. They are middle class and deal with normal family problems as well as outrageous adventures. They have 2.5 children and currently have over 24 million facebook fans.

The show is the longest running American animated program the show has also won 25 Primetime Emmy Awards and Annie Awards.

Now has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

The next cartoons were all created by Seth MacFarlane he graduated from Rhode Island School of Design. He has developed many cartoons including Cow & Chicken, John Bravo, and Dexters Lab.

MacFarlane also did two short films “Life of Larry” and “Larry and Steve”

Fox went to MacFarlane and asked him to create an adult comedy based on Larry who became Peter and Brian on Family Guy.

Another show on the Fox network apart of animation domination. This show is also about an “average” middle class family. The Griffins. As the ideas and comedy can’t really be explained. They have outrages themes and events.This show has won 3 prime time Emmy Awards, 3 Annie Awards and a Golden Reel Award. And was also nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series. The show has multiple movies and books based on Family Guy.

Over the years the show has been sued the writers tend to make fun of everyone and rip of songs. Today they have over 28 million Facebook fans. After their first season they had over 12 million viewers.

Another animated adult comedy created by Seth McFarland. American Dad a little less popular than the others. With only 4 million facebook fans. This cartoon also focuses on an American family. With odd strange and borderline themes. They have strange adventures, and issues. They also have their own Alien.

The final cartoon created by MacFarlane is The Cleveland show. This animated comedy is a spin off of Family Guy. This show focuses on Cleveland Brown and his new family. Which completes the 2.5 children theme. This is the newest of these cartoon only on the air for the last three years.  Yet their current rating is over a million facebook fans.

The same insane ideas and themes that are woven into Family Guy and American Dad are found in The Cleveland Show. Five episodes from the first season were voted the worst TV show of the week by the Parents Television Council. The first season had over 5 million viewers.

Animation allows for anything to happen. Writers for these cartoons are not bound by setting, cost, or any other rest those restrictions that normal shows must deal with.

These animated adult comedy’s all revolve around a family with individual characters. I come to the conclusion that the obvious popularity of these shows can not be ignored. With millions of people tuning in each week to find out what crazy adventure is in store this time. A small escape from the world around us. These shows as well as the network they are on is aimed at the younger generation.

These cartoons are only the begging others like Futurama and South Park continue to have new episode. And late at night on cartoon network is Adult Swim which features all adult animation comedies.


The website I reviewed was This magazine and website, focuses on new advancements in technology and science. The main website itself was simple and easy to follow. It has tons of articles updated daily. The website focused on the articles rather than advertisements and pop up ads.The article that caught my eye was found in the culture and art section. Entitled “Japanese Artist Turns Fish into Sea Creatures” written by Liz Stinson.
This short article highlighted the amazing images created by Lori Tomita who says they are “New World Transparent Specimens.”The author explains the process in creating these images. Takeing up to a year to create These interesting works of art are refreshing in a world of gadgets and gizmos.

I love the idea that technology and the virtual world is not interfering with the creation of art. I enjoyed the piece and believe that it is making a difference by encouraging art in new geeky forms. It encourages this type of art.



Moives left out to dry.


The article “The Day the Movies Died” written by Mark Harris, discusses how the movie industry is failing to create new ideas. Harris explains each year that passes, original movies decreases in numbers. Harris states “For the studios, a good new idea has become just too scary a road to travel.” This author supports his theory by informing us of this years summer blockbusters that will be out this summer. Out of the twenty-two movies Harris listed not a single one is an original film. They include Green Lantern, Transformers 3, Kung Fu Panda 2, Batman 3, Final Five, X-men: First class, Monsters Inc 2, and another final destination. That would make number five now or is it six? At least the Saw saga is over for now. Don’t get me wrong both these movies are funny got to love it when people die twice or because of their own stupidity, but number five or eight is excessive.

I do agree with Harris how could you not when shown a list of the next twenty “new” movies and not one of them is new they are all sequels, repeats, or remakes. Harris states “Hollywood has become an institution that is more interested in launching the next rubberized action figure than in making the next interesting movie.” In other words studios have become more concerned with selling merchandise and promoting the movie than they are in creating a movie worth our while.

Harris continues his article reviewing the movie “Top Gun.” The author believes movies like this, are a “product stitched together amalgams, of amphetamine action beats.” Basically saying that movies like Top Gun are formatted with a mixture of addicting stimuli, which create the illusion of a good movie.

Harris also explains these movies are hidden behind high tech effects, casting major stars, and things like music videos. With out these thing people would see right through these movies and see that they completely lack the key elements that create great fiction. This author believes that movies are no longer art rather they have become a “product” that is now sold and marketed.

This author has an interesting idea to help this delma the studios are facing. Harris says “Studios are making movies for people who go to the movies.” So if we are going to make a change we will need to start attending more movies. I do not see this as an idea that will have much of an effect. If we al start going to these so called terrible movies, then we are telling the producers and marketers that they are on the right track. By going to these movies we tell them to continue making these types of films. I would think it would make more cense to go to local films and no popularized movies to send a message that this is what were looking for, rather than giving the studios more money and a pat on the back.

Miss Victoria Garcia

Miss Victoria Garcia is about to be 22 and she is celebrating her birth with friends and family, they will be having brunch this weekend. She is attending Denver Community College to obtain her associates of sciences degree, in May. She will be moving on to bachelors in Mass Communication.

Garcia loves to write and will one a day work for Univision, which is a Latino network. She will one day become a journalist, so I asked her, if she could interview anyone in the world who would it be? She tells me she “would like to talk to the creator of our world.”

I asked Garcia what one of her most memorable experiences in her life was, to which she explains, “After high school I took a year off and was able to go to Mexico and teach English.” Garcia worked and lived in Mexico for a year, she said is wonderful and can’t wait to go back.

After interviewing Garcia I would have liked it to be later in the day, and in a more relaxing situation where we were able to talk more. I know Garcia is filled with amazing stories and I would really enjoy being able to here them. With more time I believe I could have learned a lot more about her. I enjoyed interviewing her.


Television is one of the main forms of media we have, not long ago it was the newest and greatest thing. Personally I find my self watching the Discovery, History, and Home Box Office channels. My favorite show (this semester) is Gold Rush: Alaska, this show has all the aspects that make a great story.

The idea of this show is thrilling to people who dream of “striking gold.” Is there anyone who doesn’t dream of making it big or being discovered or some how getting to a point in life where they don’t have to worry, about anything. This show is a story about six guys who put everything they had into this gold mining operation. I have been an avid watcher, they are in season one and they have spent a quarter of a million dollars in hopes of finding millions.

This show is about “every day men” who are out to save their homes many of them are in financial problems and this is their last hope. I can not find any product placement in this show their machines are over thirty years old, and seem to always break down. I do find a few cultural messages with in this show they do pray and ask God for help.

This show is excellent at suspense; they are rookie miners and the audience beings to feel for these characters. Each episode is heart wrenching and the urgency is always there, they must find gold. These men are literally risking it all to strike it rich. The producer is effective at keeping the audience tuning in each week. They now have over 65million viewers, and 10,598 people like it on facebook. All the episodes have the same thesis find the gold and show the drama, grief, and hardship these men will have to endure.

All the men are tough and rouged they are all normal hard working men who only wish to provide form their families. This is extremely appealing to the average working man.

The ads and commercials that follow this show are mainly for other shows like Dirty Jobs, Flying Wild Alaska, and Sons of Guns. These are all other shows found on discovery channel, there purpose is to draw you in deeper into the network. They are intended for the same people who are watching the show average American viewers who want to believe in a dream. Other commercials are normal, consisting of ads for new cars, and Hunger man TV dinners. The main audience is men as is it is about them and how they will do whatever it takes for their families.

Television shows like Shore Boys or Jersey Girls (something like that) is a god awful reality show. About a house full of drunken, drama, harlots. The men and women in this house live to drink, fight, and sleep around? This show lacks all the key elements that define a great story. There is no depth to the characters, or plot. There is no real tale it is literally a bunch of drunks in a house fighting with one another. It apples to young children, who think this type of show is “real”….. like Jerry Springer….. right. Just because something has been labeled reality TV, doesn’t mean to take it at face value. I find the constant screaming and fighting to not only to be fake, but annoying. This show is on MTV (imagine that, I miss the days of actual music videos) which is intended for young minds that are easily entertained. There is no thesis to these episodes or any kind of function to them. Other than wasting space I see no real purpose to this show.

Colorado and National Public Radio A Review

Colorado Public Radio has many broadcasts concerning our state. Many of these pod cast are about the new proposed budget cuts our governor has brought to the public. I reviewed one of these Budget Cut Break downs by Pat Mack entitled Metro State Prepared for Budget Cuts.
Pat Mack interviewed Steven Jordan the president for Metro State University. They discussed the new budget cuts that will reduce funding for universities and colleges by 36 million dollars.

However, Jordan assures us that Metro has taken measures to protect students that might be affected by these cuts. By investing in technology and using stimulus money to put into their school so they would be protected from the cuts. They used one time funds to pay for projects that will make the institution more effectively.

Mack and Jordan discuses the risk in demonstrating that the school is capable of standing on its own. They worry that the government will see that they are not in need of the money they took. However Jordan stresses the fact that the government can not be satisfied with short term “fixes” to long term problems. This will only make matters worse.

This broadcast was meant to inform the public about what is happing with these budgets cuts and how they will affect the general public. This broadcast is effecting is providing information to the people who are interested in it.

On National Public Radio has a bit more variety on its website. After looking at recent casts I found one that was interesting and appealed to a younger generation. NPR’s Ira Flatow interviewed Jane Mconigal who is the director of game research and development

At the institute for the future and author of “Reality is Broken: why Games make us better and how they can change the world.” Jane explains that gaming can help us in our every day life. The broadcast Could Gaming be good for you, discusses Mconigal’s theory.

The interview explained that the average kid will have spent 10,000 hours playing online/video games. With this they are developing master skills. Mconigal believes that everyone should be playing games because it enhances our abilities. Mconigal explains that games are “building relation ship and collaboration skills” She also tells us that these games allow us to fell more in control and better about ourselves. It is the state of mind that games put you in that are beneficial to us states Mconigal.

She also stresses that it is not just online or video games that do this but are “goals that we choose to tackle and challenges that we choose to over come.”

This broadcast is aimed at the younger generation, as well as those who believe games are hurting the children of this nation. This broadcast is intriguing and effective at teasing the audience enough to where they want to by Mconigal’s book.

Sub Pop A Profile

The record label Sub Pop was founded in 1986, by Jonathan Poneman and Bruce Pavitt. This label specializes in rock bands and its subcategories such as; alternative rock, American rock, and punk rock, although it doesn’t limited itself to only one type of genre.

Some of the artists Sub Pop has signed over the years include Nirvana, Mud Honey, and Dum Dum Girls. In the last twenty five years this company has been in business it has been through a lot almost going bankrupt loosing its main band and downsizing dramatically, today Sub Pop is a thriving record label. 

The record label describes its self as an independent record label whose main goal is to uncover new artists. Sub Pop uses Alternative Distribution Alliance an independent distribution company, to get their records out to the public. They also have many songs of each artist available to listen to on their main website, for free.

The consumer that Sup Pop aims at attracting are people who spend a lot of time buying music and have “extra money” to spend on mp3s and cds. The website is appealing to the youthful eye and also has ads for things like the twilight series soundtrack, which is directed at teenagers. Sup Pop has a lot of interesting promotions tactics, along with allowing the ability to listen too many of the artist songs, but they take part in some of the free social networking sites. Sub Pop is on facebook, twitter, and tons of music videos can be found on you tube. 

 The main obstacle I find that independent records face is profits. Case and point after loosing their biggest band in 1991, Sub Pop almost went bankrupt. Today Sup Pop is surviving as an independent record labels out there. They are in this business to make money…as well as, to uncover new artist and show them to the world. Sadly, it takes money to make money and even though Sub Pop may have over come their finical problems that may not be the case for long or every one. Other ways they might over come money issues is for them to use free advertising more and offer more promotions, some way to get their name out their.

The value of small time independent record labels is mainly the new artists they discover. The higher record labels do not “discover” as they “create” new talent. New and upcoming artist is what these small time record labels rely on to make money. The main difference we would find if the were no small independent record labels is the variety in music. There would be only slight differences in genres and it would be a big gray blur.

Upon sampling some of the artist on Sub Pop I found one which caught my eye. Dum Dum girls are an indi pop band, they sound like an angry girl rock band. I had never herd of them nor did anyone I asked so I thought it would be interesting if I was able to get one of their songs played on a local radio station. Unfortunately the radio stations like KBPI, Rainbow Rock, and Alice which I submitted song request to never played the song, nor ever got back to me. Oh well I just wanted to see if they would play it.

Response to Articles

     The article “Political Blog Are Ready to Flood Campaign Trail” written by Jeremy Peters, reviews how political blogs are begging to sweep the web. The articles discussed how people like Tim Pawlenty now have a reporter from Politico observing his non-campaign. It also discussed political sites such as Talking Points Memo and Real Clear Politics are doubling their numbers. Even Newspaper such as the as The Washington Post is adapting to the demands of the online readers. Personally, I don’t follow any political blogs however, I believe this type of “original reporting” will have a significant effect in the upcoming elections. The last election was entertaining enough, with adds in video games and other new forms of advertisements. These political blogs were only powered by a few people then. Now they have doubled in size with single reporters following and tracking peopleon the campaign trail, this alone is going to peek the interest and add some thing new this election.

The second article “Spotlight Again Falls on Web Tools and Change” written by Scott Shane. Examines how other nations are using the web. The article begins with a short introduction about the recent events in Egypt. The article also included how police in Iran are using the internet to track activists, and arresting them. As well as, how other countries are “exploiting new technologies,” the governments of Moscow, Beijing, and others are begging to turn to the internet and use it to their advantage. I find the major difference between America and the rest of the world is the way in which the people are using the internet. Typically, Americans who spend their time on the internet are using it for entertainment purposes, killing time. Where as people in other countries are pulling together to fights for the same rights Americans take for granted. In other countries people use social media websites to gain followers for protest and other organizations actives. This is a way for activist to get information to their public. Unlike many Americans who post what movie they just finished watching.

The idea of social networking site it to unite people, Yes I do believe that social networking is very effective way to unite people. Normally people that are involved in theses type of networking all share interests and beliefs. So if there where enough people involved with a specific organization can come together and change the way in which things are done, if there was enough of a demand.

I do not believe that our government has any type off switch when it comes to the internet. I do not think they could ever shut us off completely. I feel for the people of Egypt, they are all effected by this ruling from their leaders. Even if they don’t have access to the internet. Just knowing that your government can do whatever they wish at any moment, must impact you in some way.

About Me

My name is Samantha, I do hope all of you will call me Sam. This is my last of year before I graduate with an associates degree then on to the Bachelors degree. I am an English major and one day hope to get paid for my writing. I am taking Professor Dorris’s journalism class not only because it is required for my degree, but I hope to learn more about the media. I enjoy many types of writing, however my first pick would be all things books.
When not slaving away or glued to a book I find myself playing old school Mario games. I am a full time student, at CCD and don’t really have much time for anything else.
I can only think of one way for people to remember me I tell them I was name after Samantha on bewitched played by Elizabeth Montgomery.
This is the type of television shows that I enjoy. I was a Lost freak, and am now on Fringe.
I love old school music and believe that I was born in the wrong generation. I also enjoy underground music and local bands. One radio station I have been hooked on is Jammin old school 101.5. As far as movies go I find a good laugh is all that matters.

Thank you for your time I look forward on a fun semester!

Sam ~